Friday, 1 August 2014

#omnomnom (2014)

#omnomnom (2014)

2014 National Arts Festival, Grahamstown: Allan Webb Hall (Mother Cecile Memorial Hall). This project was made possible with funding from the National Arts Council of South Africa.

Created by Gavin Krastin

Performed by Gavin Krastin and Lauren Fletcher

Inspired by the milestone year 2014 was for South Africa as well as the performativity and kitsch visuals of birthday parties, anniversaries, celebratory customs, gluttonous festivities, Communions and the Last Supper, this live art experience critiques and explores notions of celebration and commemoration. Through clashing and subverting various eclectic dining and food-related ritual practices, questions are proposed and bodies provoked. In the work the historic Allan Webb Dining Hall becomes host to awkward, intimate and unconventional (un?)celebratory events in which audiences members are invited to participate. A visual and visceral work, #omnomnom provides audiences with a unique experience in that the artist’s body is mythologised and presented as meat and land for participating spectators to mark, exploit, colonise and devour.

Cue TV photomontage and interview produced by Michelle Avenant and Kayla Lidstone.

Cue TV clip and interview filmed and edited by Cindy Archillies and Dumisa Lengwati.

Original concept imagery and performance-for-camera (photo by Retha Ferguson)

Gavin Krastin and Lauren Fletcher in #omnomnom (photo by Sarah Schafer)

Gavin Krastin and participating audience members in #omnomnom (photo by Sarah Schafer)

Gavin Krastin #omnomnom (photo by Sarah Schafer)

Gavin Krastin in #omnomnom (photo by Sarah Schafer)

Gavin Krastin in #omnomnom (photo by Sarah Schafer)

Gavin Krastin in #omnomnom in Allan Webb Hall (photo by Sarah Schafer)